Claiming all of it…

I have always been a firm believer in a person being in full control of creating the life they desire.

Let me just talk a little bit about the power of MANIFESTATION.

There can be distractions, along with hurdles, that can interfere with the journey you are on.

I came to the conclusion that we cannot control the mind and actions of others. What we CAN do is control is HOW we handle those distractions.

Real life happens, but don’t let “real life” consume you to the point where you are not focusing on SELF. 

ALOT of thoughts that come into my mind on a daily, hourly, sometimes even by the minute. Its always been that way, however the CONTEXT of those thoughts that I have changed.

Why am I thinking about the negative behavior of things going on beyond my control or the actions of someone else when I can be focusing on the positive things I want and desire out of life?

Looking through one of my many journals, I came across a goal sheet that was written out months back. On that paper, my life coaching practice was a goal that I set up for 5 years from now.


There were other goals that at that time I wrote it, that I wanted to accomplish before finalizing that full time coaching target.

There were signs here and there. My mind opening up and guiding me was the best part of it all.

There had to be an understanding that no matter what is in the way or whatever delay may occur, nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goals. I have become a Certified Life Coach, acquired new amazing clientele, I have been able to now guide, uplift and motivate people on a full time scale. 

Don’t try to tell me the power of manifestation is not real.

When you want something bad enough, you do what is necessary to obtain it.

Three quick recommendations from me as you start the journey:

  • trust your process
  • follow your individual path, not anyone else’s.
  • Be OK with partnering up with a coach, mentor or support team to on to help with clarity and more.

The most satisfying feeling is when your client tells you, “ I couldn’t have done this without you” or “ You have helped me stop limiting myself”.

Seeing them change right before my very eyes with the tools I provide COMPLETES ME.

I will continue to aid and assist in UPGRADING those who want their mental reconditioned for a better, stress free LIFE!  The journey is necessary…….CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO BEGIN YOURS.  

One thought on “Claiming all of it…

  1. Great work
    Keep pushing
    Congratulations to u 💪🏿💪🏿

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