From Blah to Blessed….

Blessings are all I will acknowledge.

Today was a little off energy wise.

Certain small “aggy” type things were occurring. Like I couldn’t find my keys for work, my coffee wasn’t on point, a few other things here and there at work.

It was just overall not one of my best days.

Even on off days, be always sure to reflect just how far you have really come.

These types of days before would have had me ready to lash out for literally nothing. Quick to jump conclusions withou listening to the other side.

New policy and procedures have reconditioned my mind to react in a different manner. I still have many reasons to smile. I will go into positive thinking mode and remember the reasons I am abundantly blessed.

If you’d asked me 2 years ago if this was the path I was on in my life I would have told you no. 

I sit here and smile, loving where my mindset is today. Work was requires such as:

The boundaries I have set with everything.

The shift of focus to ME.

The sense of fulfillment that I am now doing what I have pretty much done all my life but now on an entrepreneurial level.

I see my transformation, those around me see my transformation.

That is the definition of a JOURNEY. I am not done.

I have a newfound sense of life and the platform I have created to get those to upgrade their mindset like myself is just the beginning of the bigger Vision.

When you TRULY let go of the negative and poisonous traits and thoughts, the feeling of peace just rests on your shoulder, it knows it is where it is supposed to be. CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU ARE READY TO GET THERE.

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