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Coaching & Support Services for Women seeking transformation into direct minded empowered success!

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What is it that I offer here?

The simple answer I say is: A personal trainer for the MIND.

Coaching and Support focused on women embracing true potential, freeing their mind negative mind clutter. We work on reprogramming the restricted emotions into unapologetic freedom and confidence.

Help black women create new reality.

Clear the mindset of toxic defaults, negative mental clutter and replace with direct actions to keep you elevating .

Recondition hindering and self-sabotaging behavior.

Create peaceful and positive environments by putting policy in place.

Calmness to your mind, Becoming disciplined , reprogrammed thoughts and emotions.

UPgraded MindsetZ is a “Workout for the MENTAL”,  meaning we partner up to create change in your restricted thought patterns. Showing guidance tools, specific client resources, personal tips, and all kinds of positive reinforcement,

The Reality is that there are some women completely STUCK in their own mind. We restrict our own growth and stal life improvement. Black women feel we have to be complacent because of situations of the past, even though we have dreams of elevation and positive growth.

Some are looking for a open path, but struggle to take action on their own.

Not necessarily because they don’t want to, although there are some but those just aren’t ready for their journey,  I’m referring to the ones that they just don’t know how to.

We’re normalizing reaching out for supportive services on any level. There are more of us than we care to admit truly unable to figure life out without accountability, positive guidance and just genuine support. Acquiring a life coach can put so much clarity to what we actually want out of work, relationships, or just life in general!

Positive thoughts create Positive Actions! The Journey is Necessary…commit to yourself as well as your mindset that you want to live in Peace. Create and embrace your Journey. One thing is for certain, the MIND is where it all begins…..

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About Coach Kay Wds

I'm a Mindset Empowerment Coach for Women of Color ready to break free from the negative cycles of life. We work on creating positive growth with reconditioning methods of thinking, triggering the mind to take consistent direct action in our business and/or personal lives!

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