After a client meeting today, I journeyed out in an to attempt to “interact with society”. This new normal is a hell of an adaption. Let me just say I didn’t last to long out and about. Here I am in front of my computer. I am TRULY OK with that too.

In our recap conversation, I realized again, as I had in the past when starting my own journey, how obligated some people try and make others feel and can sometimes feel to those around us. Part of my own journey I realized how entitled some people really are. I have begin to notice how people are backing away on the “work ethic” to live life, and attempting their hand at “get rich quick”, fake investment opportunities, and crazy other internet based spam, with no intention of researching anything on their own. Then blame others for their own mishandling and expect another handout for their own convenience. When do we ALL take accountability? Brush off, acknowledge your mistake, turn it into a lesson and MOVE FORWARD with a new plan. Not crying about the mistake for months and blaming everyone else. ACCOUNTABILITY! That word is a word I have implemented into use everyday in my practice. Accountability leads to RESULTS!

I used to wrestle a lot with letting go of all things and people who meant me no good during my struggling times, or at ANY time for that matter. I struggled because I felt a sense of “Loyalty” and that I was just supposed to “roll with you” just because. When does that cycle get broken? When do we stop trying to blame others for our fuck ups and take accountability so we can MEND and RESTORE? Until full accountability comes into play, your vision will remain just THAT, a vision with NO merit. Things, lifestyles, people, ANYTHING that has no positive bearing in your immediate life should NOT even have a presence IN YOUR LIFE. We are scared to LET GO, when all the while we are RESTRICTING ourselves. Everyone is NOT meant to go with you, ESPECIALLY if they are not doing anything REMOTELY close to what you are doing for YOU to UPgrade your Mindset. Allow NO ONE to interfere in your journey. WALK YOUR PATH. Being carefree of others opinions, situations and bullshit rhetoric is what will keep your journey free and clear for complete happiness and peace.

Your Journey is necessary…..YOURS!

Tell me what you think!