How many of us take the time away from EVERYTHING? I used to be the one who thought that I could just “stay plugged in” and just keep absorbing the everyday hustle and bustle of social media, having somewhat empty conversations, and watching meaningless videos for the sake of staying “in the know”. It wasn’t until I actually started distancing myself away from it that I noticed how much it had overtaken my day to day thoughts. That was probably one of my hardest struggles when beginning my journey. Your mind gets cluttered with all the junk we see on all social media platforms for starters. Sure you can say it doesn’t bother you, but I personally feel that people are not being honest and upfront by NOT acknowledging that it has some type of influence. Whether you are commenting on a topic with your very detailed opinion,  or sharing some very disturbing images, videos ,etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a HEALTHY debate, meaning I enjoy having a dialogue that all parties can walk away “unscathed”. I’m referring to the senseless, bullying, fights, crazy politics,  etc. Whether we want to believe either or not has some type of negative affect on our thoughts. If only for a moment. 

I have learned to put my phone away, we ALL need a moment to ourselves,  no ringing, no messages, no notifications. I understand our lives are busy, I definitely can relate with feeling like there are not enough hours in the day. However even with the  added clients, my blogging, etc….I STILL TAKE TIME FOR ME. My phone is  “Do Not Disturb” at some point every day.  Whether for a 15 minute meditation, or just to reflect on my daily blessings. I definitely understand that although I can’t cut the craziness of the world wide web, I CAN control what and how much of something I will even watch or read. I have gotten myself disciplined enough to know when to CUT IT OFF. I will do just that. It is very important to SELF REFLECT. I Make it a point to do so everyday….EVERYDAY….

Turn the phones off folks. Take it back to the “old days” of grabbing a book, newspaper, or just sitting on your couch thinking about and creating a master plan for the next stages in your life. Write things down! Make a personal commitment to reflect every day without the notifications and watch how you start to see things clearer, whatever it may be.

4 thoughts on “TURN IT OFF

  1. Great read!!!!!! I think you made some excellent key points we all need that time away.. I myself get caught up on social media!!! Thank you for the upgraded mind I definitely will take this into consideration of my life

  2. Good read. I belive it also will help the kids as well .Make sure they know how to disconnect to reconnect.

  3. Great read! I love this, this so much needed always cause I do find myself stuck in my phone also T.V. & I 4get all about everything else even my kids & so I was just thinking about this that I need to put my phone down & turn my T.V. off & do some ME time, pray even ur sure right about this I Love it & agree 100%

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