Being first…

Yesterday morning I decided to post a quick Snapchat Video to Facebook with one question…

Who are you Living for?

This was a question that I felt the need to just ask. I was especially interested in the ladies responses and much love to those who responded on the post as well as privately in my inbox. Thank you for the feedback ladies! My questions was to make you THINK.

I’m not referring to the day to day responsibilities we have, but where your MINDSET is.

Is your job more priority that your mental?

Are relationships, situation-ships, negative reflections more priority than your mental?

Are affairs of others more priority than your mental?

There are some of us who make or have made other people and things more priority than themselves, simply put. I was guilty of it. I love helping people where I can and would jump at the attempt to do so.

Those close to me know that I was the Motivator, the Mediator, the Negotiator, etc. I would debate someone under the table with my opinion and views, not only because I was strong minded as I always have been, but because it was pent up frustrations that I was subconsciously releasing not realizing how dis-pleasured I was.

How limited my life had actually been.

Negative and frustrating behavior was busting out of the seams. I held myself back. I was underplaying the fact that my emotions are pretty much directly linked to my thoughts. I pushed them to the back of my head to try and cover up the resentment, reflecting back now know I had, to others but more importantly to ME.

My Journey began…

It is definitely true that our beliefs are our personal filter. What I think will happen WILL HAPPEN! You think NEGATIVE that is what will stay in your life. I found my WHY. No more focusing on ANY negative energy whatsoever, I SPEAK POSITIVE!

My phenomenal women, you can make the changes in your mental mindset. Changing and reprogramming our mental to things to a positive path, routine and environment is NECESSARY.

If you are stuck at your job, if you are stuck in a relationship, if you are stuck struggling with beginning/maintaining your healthy eating/lifestyle habits, it starts with the MIND to begin to change it. Still do for others but keep yourself PRIORITY.

Women are winning, and with our mental well being intact, we are a force so strong we will cause shock waves in whatever we want to do in our lives.

My platform is open ladies. I want us ALL winning. Know that it is OK to ask questions about upgrading the way you think, therefore upgrading your whole way of life. Positive thoughts create positive creations.

Photo Cred: kylie De Guia

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