Blessed to be a BLESSING.

Doing some reading the other day came across a smidge of information.

August 4th is a holiday known as Single Working Women’s Day!

This Gemini mind, amazing at it is, sometimes spontaneously pops things into my head.

I’ve learned to embrace it, analyze and decide whether or not to take action on it.

However, this idea came at a perfect time to show women appreciation for simply being who they are.

Most of the time we tend to put ourselves on the back burner to ensure things are elevating for others, so I wanted this gesture is to remind these ladies that they matter too.

My Appreciation Giveaway 8/4/2020

Let’s face it folks, women are powerful creatures. I love being one and added perk is being one to help, guide, encourage, and motivate others too!

My contest on my social media contest ended up blessing 5 ladies with monetary donations!

The winners were announced on my FB page on Single Women’s Working Day!

These ladies were and are so thankful!

The sense of fulfillment of being able to be a blessing to these ladies was another confirmation of purpose for me. I truly started a mission of educating, empowering and elevation our well being.

Each one of us has a story, and I blessed have turned my story into a journey of intention, purpose and clarity.

What about your story? I would love to hear about it. Lets even discuss your growth strategy by clicking this link.

5 thoughts on “Blessed to be a BLESSING.

  1. Thank you! That is my Goal….our Journeys are Necessary, use what you need!! I’m also only a MESSAGE AWAY..🥰💯💪🏾💪🏾

  2. I’m enjoying reading and watching you , all the while using it to upgrade my own mindset.

  3. Thank you I appreciate that ! Yesss UPgrade your mindset….Please check out my other readings as well! ❤❤

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