Blessed to be a BLESSING!

I was doing some reading the other day and I just so happened to read that August 4th, was a fun holiday known as Single Working Women’s Day! The Gemini Mindset that I have will sometimes just spontaneously pop things in my head and I embrace it and decide whether or not to put it to action…As I continue to open my Platform to my fellow woman, I was thinking this was the PERFECT ‘HOLIDAY ‘ to show some beauties some appreciation just for their grind and hard work. We have to take care of ourselves and we will most of the time put our own self on the back burner to ensure things are coming through for others. My focus will always be to show women that we can be PRIORITY and still help others when needed….LET’S FACE IT, women are some powerful creatures…. I LOVE being a Woman and even more love being able to help, guide, encourage, and motivate others!

I ran a CashApp/PayPal shout out contest on my social media platforms blessing 5 lovely ladies to a little monetary blessing! As soon as the idea popped into my head I created the flyer for this fun Holiday….excited about it so much I could hardly sleep Monday Night! 😁

I announced the winners yesterday evening on my FB page…..these ladies were and are sooooo thankful! The rush that I got being able to be a blessing to these lucky ladies just tells me that I am clear in my purpose…..I want all women winning! I want us to UPgrade the way we think, act, and BECOME….each one of us has a story, I have turned my story into my journey and can’t say enough that the Journey is Necessary! I will continue my focus and I will continue to uplift, guide and shine with my fellow Queens! We rock!

5 thoughts on “Blessed to be a BLESSING!

  1. Thank you I appreciate that ! Yesss UPgrade your mindset….Please check out my other readings as well! ❀❀

  2. I’m enjoying reading and watching you , all the while using it to upgrade my own mindset.

  3. Thank you! That is my Goal….our Journeys are Necessary, use what you need!! I’m also only a MESSAGE AWAY..πŸ₯°πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

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