This image speaks so much volume to me. I had actually just casually shared this image on Facebook yesterday, but it actually stopped me from doing what I was doing at that time after reading it again. I really had to think, I literally have overcame ALL of these! Each and every one of these are something that I have done and experienced at some point in my life.

  1. I was ALWAYS trying to please and accommodate other. Some may have taken advantage and others may not. If I even sensed that someone was stressing, or a situation came up, I was right there, ready to go to battle for sometimes things that I didn’t even fully have all the details about.

2. Fear…….Change……I was so worried about other shit, these honestly didn’t go ‘together’ in my mind at that time. I didn’t think I was “scared” because I just kept telling myself that I really didn’t need any changes right now because I was hindering myself to and for others. Truth is, I was fearful of change so that is how I subdued my own emotions by doing for others.

3. Living in the past – I couldn’t honestly figure out how I could move forward with my life. What was honestly holding me back? My core beliefs basically. I have been taught that you don’t abandon those close and loyal to you, NO MATTER WHAT. I was stuck in that logic, my past beliefs for the most part were keeping me in the same tunnel of nowhere.

4. Putting yourself down: Being a Plus size woman, of course there were times where I didn’t always think highly of myself. I was able to hold my own for the most part around others but there were times when being alone, my mind would overwhelm with all of the chatter and negative, sometimes lucid and disrespectful attention and it would sometimes get to me.

5. Overthinking – THIS right here! THE biggest struggle. I will say that I am a TRUE GEMINI when it comes to overthinking. We have been hit with that stereotype and stigma, but to be honest, ITS ALL TRUE. LOL. If I could count the amount of thoughts that can sometimes go through my head say, in an hour, it would have been a great accomplishment.

There was a breaking point. A boiling point. The Coronavirus was that point. When the lock down began, My overthinking went into overdrive. I was still only working part time, and had wayyyyyy too much time spent doing NOTHING BUT THINKING. I was still attempting to help , But I wasn’t helping ME at all! I was swallowed in so much other shit besides my own it was ridiculous. My mental well being started showing cracks. REFLECTION CAME AT THE PERFECT TIME. I rescued myself FROM myself.



  1. The change is necessary. I had to QUIT. Quit worrying about everyone else! YOU ARE PRIORITY!

2. Embrace fear and understand that it can only restrict you when you stay STUCK where you are because of it.

3. LET GO of the things that plague your growth as a person. The past is just that….THE PAST. It is hard but SUCCESS is not easy.

4. Confidence is from the inside out. If your mental being tells you that you are the shit, Then that is what you are. Reprogram your MINDSET to make you the beautiful, smart amazing person inside and OUT.

5. Learn to control your thoughts. Write THINGS DOWN! I have had over 7 journals at one time and point just to allow myself to release those over thoughts crowding my mind. Once I wrote things down, I gave up more space for new creativity, new topics, new ways to extend my platform, etc. I still tend to overthink a little bit honestly, however those thoughts are ones that bring action as I have supplied myself the tools to recondition my way of thinking and UPGRADED my mental being.

Let us know what you think!