It’s OK to ask…..

When is the last time you sat and just gave your life a COMPLETE evaluation? Complete meaning physically and more importantly, MENTALLY? How many of us actually sit and think about our mental health and well being at any given moment?

I reviewed a few articles such as the information being provided by the CDC about how EVERYONE reacts differently to stressful situations. The times that we are living in at this present moment are NOWHERE near the norm. Times are truly testing everything about us mentally whether we want to believe it or not.

According to, Women are most affected by pandemics — lessons from past outbreaks. Current events would and has tested each one of our mental capacity in some what shape or form. Some have been able to keep it together for the most part. Others are a more heightened with emotions and rightfully so. These are crazy time folks. You are going to want to implement something a little bit different for the sake of your mindset if the same is NOT working for you anymore. Different times calls for different methods to cope, embrace and tackle! Talk to someone about any different emotions, feelings or thoughts that you may be feeling. It is OK to seek Coaching Services for guidance on how to complete your journey to being your totally UPgraded SELF! Don’t be ashamed to get accountable and getting a push to get it! Coaching is something that is being welcomed and even more so embraced at all levels business and even personal levels more and more and is more common and USED more than we think…Having A Coach for any part and aspect of your life is something that 99% of women that have tried services have said it had a positive impact on their lives and would and HAVE Made it apart of their lives…….. CDC

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