Why does their opinion matter?

So often when I talk to people here lately,  conversations come up talking about how the way OTHERS think about their  situations. They vent about how it is affecting their way of thinking, which is  interfering with them making lasting even lifetime decisions for themselves.


I know that society has somewhat pivoted the mindset to think that other people opinions matter when it comes to our own lives. It is easier for us to listen to them which means we stall on our dreams, quit our goals prematurely,  say we can’t do something cause of what someone ELSE thinks. If we didn’t want it, it wouldn’t be on your MIND. It would have never been a dream, an aspiration.  You want it, right?  So why are you allowing others to dictate your drive and ambition? A person/friend that is truly supportive will NOT allow you to hinder yourself because of their own reservations with themselves….you don’t want ANYONE in your life who tells you that your dreams should wait, that its not a good idea, etc.  You don’t need someone in your ear telling you that you can’t do something. You need POSITIVE REINFORMENT! You really have everything to prove to YOURSELF and yourself ONLY!! Your shine is for YOU. Show yourself that you are capable. They can see your success from back there….wayyyy back….

YOUR MIND AND OPINION IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS….its time to LIVE FOR YOU!!! TAKE THAT CHANCE…the only regret you will have is that you listened to them….­čĺ»

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