Back in the swing of things…..

Over the weekend I did something that I have not done since Pre-Covid…….TRAVEL….LOL…

I didn’t go to far, I live about 2 to 3 hours from Chicago so hey why not!! I absolutely LOVE driving on the highway it is so therapeutic for me! I had my cousin with me as we were going to help my niece celebrate her 30th birthday! She had a small get together at the hotel we stayed at for the weekend.

I literally have NOT left my city since January of 2020. I am normally a person who makes a point to get out and travel at least once a month, whether by car or plane. This trip was needed and once I got to my destination I realized that it was NECESSARY! My mental felt relieved, like there was so much anticipation just because I had not been anywhere in months. I didn’t realize how happy I was to be somewhere other than HOME.

Are you living your life and doing things the way you did Pre-Covid? Meaning, are you able and willing to do the things that you were doing before this madness came? I will be honest I was NOT. This short trip just boosted my mental to realize that the way things are right now are not going to let up anytime soon. Sitting back and waiting on things to go back to January 2020 for me is just not being realistic and that it is TIME for me to get back to doing the simple things I love to do…..just with more CAUTION.

With that being said, this short trip was exactly what I needed to get back focused on ME. What I WANT, what I NEED, what I DESIRE, ETC…The minor infractions that I felt was stopping me from moving around and traveling now have to be overcome. I’m not anticipating any large crowds for me any time soon, but this trip showed me that I MISS DOING TRAVEL THINGS and am in the process of planning my next trip….­čść

Time to get back to the new normal……and I am truly OK with that….the time away relaxing, change of scenery was sooooo needed!

Let us know what you think!