How is this Justified?

I usually try not to speak on celebrities and their lives. Even though they tend to have very public lives for whatever they are famous for, I have always taken the notion that they indeed should have private matters stay private as they are human just like me. I know that is a stretch as people say all the time, “that is the life they chose”. Not to me. They chose a life of entertainment, Movies, music, etc. They did NOT choose for their private affairs in their lives be opted for all to see and scrutinize. However, that is not the reason for this post today.

I have seen multiple tweets, posts and conversations about Meg thee Stallion here in the last day or so. She was shot a few weeks or maybe a month or so ago ( I don’t keep up). I browsed multiple news sites about it vaguely, as I have been successfully trying to maintain a low stress, positive minded life. While the news and entertainment articles are all pretty much reporting the same thing with regards to the alleged incident, the “comments” from fans and outside people, males and females, have almost made me sick to my stomach.

If what Meg states is true, why are people labeling her as a “snitch”? It saddens me so much to see people really saying how she should NOT have spoken out against someone who may have committed a violent act against her. They were apparently somewhat dating or in some type of relationship, which makes it a domestic situation. Domestic Violence is not OK!

If this woman was shot as a result of a domestic dispute, I’m bothered that some people are justifying it! That is not being a snitch, It is called IDENTIFYING YOUR ABUSER! Just based off of countless polls, statistics and any other thing you would like to research, women are already terrified to come forward against their abuser. One reason is the backlash they receive from the abusers supporters, as well as the lies, deceptive practices and lack of admitting guilt from abuser themselves, which seems to be this situation.

I had been in a domestic abuse relationship once in my life. Looking back on it, I was made to feel that those type of relationships were “the norm”. Back then I was scared to speak my truth about it. I chose to be silent back then. I was mentally programmed to believe that no one was going to try and help me as I would have to deal with it alone. I was such a strong person on the outside to others when in this relationship. I probably never even looked or acted like someone in a abusive relationship and worked hard to keep it that way. I fought with him, I dealt with coming home from hanging out with friends to being strip searched at the door and told I smelled like ” a man’s cologne.” and questioned why. I went through the interrogation of him going through my phone, asking about phone numbers, why I was on the phone for however long I may have been on a call. Getting hit with a hammer in my legs for not “giving sex” when he wanted it. Those are just SOME of the things. Only my close friends knew about this toxic relationship AFTER it was over, and let me tell you, that was hard to disclose then. Circumstances took him out of my life (he went to jail for drugs). I was devastated that he got locked up but after some months, I knew that it was my sign to end all dealings, no more communication, no more anything. That is HARD to do Psychologically, especially if your Mental is not strong enough, no matter what anyone thinks or say IT JUST IS NOT THAT EASY to walk away when your mindset is not in tact. That is just not up for debate for me.

There is NEVER a reason to condone domestic abuse. EVER. I say this from BOTH aspects as it is never OK to put your hands on ANYONE without being provoked or defending yourself. This subject is still sensitive to this day for me. I used to try and deter the thoughts, or keep scrolling when I seen something about domestic abuse on social media. Dealing with and trying to walk away from domestic abuse is so different for each and every individual. That fight to break free mentally, physically and emotionally is a fight that you have to muster the strength to do, no matter what obstacles come in the way. Hard, YES, Worth the fight? Absolutely!!!

One HUGE reason I began my official coaching journey is for empowerment of Women. I’m creating a platform for women who feel that they are stuck in their lives and have no where to turn mentally. For whatever reason a person reaches out for help, the first step is done….REACHING OUT! My platform will always be for us women who have been told they are unworthy, who feel they are lacking the tools and strengths to overcome any negative mental blockages, negative mindset and thinking patterns. There are so may reasons that we women are afraid of change. I want that barrier broken. I want women to know that you can do this! You can live a positive life, you can be blessed beyond measure. The Mindset takes work to get it there and my services are available to any women who wants to begin that journey to a positive mental well being.

If you are in domestic abusive situation, please think about seeking help with ANYONE you think may give you the support and strength to walk away. It is not going to change, they ARE going to do it again, they do NOT love you, there ARE other people that want whats best for you, no matter what your abuser tells you. Please seek guidance From someone. There are still some who want to see all women winning!! My email is open for any woman who doesn’t know where to begin that journey…….

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