Whoa what a week…

This week for me so far and I know so many other people has been an emotional one to say the least. There is just so much unrest going on in this country, it is truly just heartbreaking to watch any news, social media videos,  interviews,  articles, ANYTHING these past few weeks and months.

Along with national news, I have also experienced some pretty emotional things going on in my own personal life. My mother has been hospitalized for the past couple of days , my best friend of 30 years sister twin son passed away at just 4 months old. With all this as well as the country’s unrest,  my emotional mindset has been tested  in some pretty deep waters.

Before my journey, I could be mad. I could cry for hours. I would become negative and go to social media being mean spirited, malicious, and hurtful to others as a way to release the emotions that are experienced at this time. BUT I WON’T.  I CAN’T. My mind won’t allow it.

See the way I have reprogrammed my mindset is for times exactly like this.

Death is a sad thing, especially when it is unexpected. I definitely did not expect a phone call telling me about a 4 month old passing on. That shook me.

My emotions are still here. I still feel sadness, anger, etc.  However since Upgrading my Mind, I have implemented tools and processes that I take myself through to keep my mindset where it is supposed to be, on a positive level. A process that had to be learned. This was not something that I was able to overcome overnight.

Having an Upgraded Mindset allows you to feel your emotions. However, instead of turning them into negative thoughts which in turn lead to negative decision making, you will be able to shift to positive responses, positive thoughts, positive solutions, even when negative situations are hitting you in the face. I used to call it my “out of body experience” when first beginning my journey. I now do it without sometimes even realizing it. I am thankful to be on this mental level.

My Mother is home from the hospital doing well thank goodness. I love her beyond measure and so blessed to still have her in my life.

Losing a child is something I hope that I never have to experience. This death hits a little different as I consider the Mom my little sister. I have been around her since she was 6 years old and is now in her 30s. I will be right there for her guiding and letting her know how strong of a support system she has and help her instill the Upgraded Mindset she is going to need to continue to raise her other beautiful babies that are still here with us.

I have Faith. I am Positive.  I love my people. We will be ok. We are strong and able.

Remember to stay positive,  focused, and WOKE!

Let us know what you think!