The Shift has to happen…….

Do you have purpose? I was asked this question a while ago and I couldn’t answer right away. Even though I love when people challenge my brain, me being unable to immediately answer this frustrated me.

The last 6 months have been life changing for me. I really didn’t know how the “self-review” was going to turn out honestly. I knew that I had a helpful spirit, I knew that I loved being able to help those in need sometimes. But to know my purpose?? No I didn’t know….

I dug so deep into m y thoughts it exposed negative realizations that I honestly did not even think were affecting me on that level. It showed me that I was not over certain obstructive things that had gone on in my life. It brought to the forefront how even though I was able to smile and live day to day, my life was incomplete and a mental shift was needed immediately!

I’m changing that.

Cut off people and things that meant no good to me or my life.

The work has been put in for an Upgraded Mindset.

I will never sit here and tell anyone that fighting for mental clarity is an easy task. I am a realist and wont give the false notion that its easy to change overnight… it isn’t…..not for TRUE clarity.

HOWEVER, my purpose has shown me that it is my MISSION to be open to guide, assist and provide the platform for those who want to level up their Mindset.

I know this amazing shift in my mental has given me the level of undeniable positive energy and thoughts for everyday life. I know the tools I used to embrace and live with my unmistakable Upgraded mindset, why would I want to keep HOW TO get to those amazing feelings to myself? I don’t…..

I have a purpose…..

My purpose is to show that we can live life with a Positive Mindset everyday. My purpose is to show fellow women that when you enhance your mental being, you open up doors that you never thought you could. I wake up everyday with thoughts/ideas on how to bring more awareness to living with a Positive Mindset. I am here to show ladies that there is a such thing as living Peacefully, no matter what goes on in your life. I want to show women that when we have an open mind and are ready to begin the journey for self love, the favor of an Upgraded Life will open. We have goals, dreams, aspirations, etc that we have to understand will not be attainable with a negative mindset.

Are you afraid to ask? Are you wondering if you will be laughed at because you want guidance for getting your mental mindset UNSTUCK?

STOP. That is probably one of the hardest decision you will make, to reach out. I thought the same thing before my journey. I didn’t want anybody knowing that I was hurting mentally. I thought people wouldn’t understand.

My journey has shown that I DON’T CARE what others think when it comes to my peace of mind. I started my journey for ME. I will never regret seeking guidance for my self love journey……

I want each woman to know that you don’t have or need to struggle with negative thinking and restrictions!

Live a positive and fulfilled life. Be open to change. Make the shift. Your Journey is NECESSARY!

My Mind is priority, My Peace is Priority, My MINDSET is #1.


Let us know what you think!