A Lil’ Reflection…

Sitting here at home today, I sit here and reflect on how “settled” I am at this moment. I have come a long damn way…LOL. I mean, A LONG WAY! I think back on when my breaking point was. Listen, that period was a different type of experience.

An exhausted, burned out, debilitated breaking point type of experience. It had become critical for me to begin the shift of my mind and actions. My clarity depended on it……

Once my shift began, Putting this to “paper” was another uncomfortable shift for me, but I had to realize my focus for inspiring and motivating also included telling my story and embracing the writing world as well.

As a woman, a woman who has endured, seen, listened and encountered a lot of situations some of us women deal with or have dealt with on a Mental Mindset level, relating to different encounters, mistakes, not so good judgement decisions, we encounter and deal with, and can ALSO relate to the negative mechanisms some women commonly concede to go with as a response to negative situations.     

 I used to be one who didn’t share any negative, hell ANY of my personal stuff to those outside of my close circle, simply because I just didn’t want to. Even those close to me didn’t know  100% of things that went on in this overacting Gemini mind.     

 It really feels good to utilize writing to open up about myself honestly.  Some feel conscience stricken to always have to be fully capable and “on top of their shit” without missing a beat. Some have been taught and shown to believe that we should just keep problems and struggles to ourselves in this society and just let your mental fall to the waist side, even when you are not at your best because of it! It is time to change the narrative when it comes to our Mental Mindset.

Simple beginning: Creating a positive mindset should have you wanting to create a positive space in your head. Building a peaceful Mindset that is created to give you a sense of calming, clarity and positive feels, if only for that one moment in the beginning. Then ask yourself, why would you not want to feel that way all the time? 

I will say it every time. Your journey is necessary.

3 thoughts on “A Lil’ Reflection…

  1. I can relate to this on so many levels. It’s not easy to share your story with strangers really when your use to handling things your self, It’s such a relief to know your releasing the holds an changing lives all at the same time!! Let the Journey begin….

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