Hard Conversation

Everybody is not meant to go on your journey with you.

We love our family. Friends. Boyfriends, Husbands. Wives. Children.

Again, Everybody is not meant to go on your journey with you.

I have had “the conversation” with my family, my friends, my circle, and those who are important to me.

Long story short, the entrepreneurial plans to them for my choices. One time “informational reflection” to them how I now think, act and conduct my affairs different. There is a level of clarity I have sought and that where I continue to pursue. I have ensured them how far this mindset will go to protect my peace, which can and will result in cutting anyone off who has other malice, negative bearing intentions.

My purpose is for my clarity, life and total success for me. Period.

It has never been our responsibility to make others understand what it is we want out of our lives. Gone are the days of explanation, as we do not owe anyone an explanation no matter how someone may try and manipulate our mind to believe that we do. You are your priority.

When you are seeking an UPgraded Mindset, that will even mean that you will have to move forward without those who are not ready for their own journey. Those who don’t want it, JUST DON’T WANT IT at the same time you do. There does not have to be any love lost, there does not have to be any conflict. Negative clouds will stall a Positive advancement EACH and every time. Don’t think that you will be different, you won’t…

Your “conversation” has to happen when you are ready to make real changes in your life . Either you are supportive for my shift for the positive or you are not. The conversation is not to ask for approval. It is a courtesy to let them know that there is about to be a major Mindset Shift over here for the better. Let them know your changes are here and what boundaries are about to be set with you Mentally.

Simply put, If those boundaries are broken, violated, ignored….. it is time to move forward, without those who are not respectingthe boundaries you have laid out. Achieving a reconditioned, positive mindset is not something that you can achieve still allowing negative people, places or things to be still sitting on the front burner of your “mental stove”.

LOVE Them, but LEAVE them with best wishes and no love lost.. Keep your peace at ALL costs!

This journey and conversation is necessary.

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