Why think that way…….

Typing this up, I had just finished up creating some tools and resources that are currently in the creative stages for a soon to come educational platform (SN: YES BE EXCITED, I am! Follow this blog for real time updates!)

Question: How many of us wake up each morning dreading the day ahead? Are you already frustrated about how another day has arrived and there is still conflicted thinking, limited belief and negative behavior already going on in your mind? Did you take those negative thoughts to bed with you the night before? Ughhhh another day, you are so over it right?

Yep, I used to be to. Waking up pissed about another day that I just had to get out of the bed sometimes. Wanting to sleep for another good 45 mins, LOL. Dreading what the day ahead was even going to bring me…..

That Mindset shift tho……..

Smiling is a MUST each and every day that I now open my eyes, No matter WHAT is going on in the outside world. **

****A Little tidbit about me below****

BTW: I didn’t use to tell anyone, anything about me, at ALL.

When I wake up each day, I strive for immediate Gratitude when I awake. Doing this with the tools I use for an Upgraded Mindset, my thoughts are already set and know to focus on that FIRST positive thought each and every morning, setting myself up for a Positive and Clutter Free focused Day!

Did you know:

85% of the things that we worry about don’t even HAPPEN.

30% of the things that we fear are PAST concerns that we think may repeat.

90% are issues that honestly are insignificant things that don’t really affect an action we want to take.

We always have the power to create our WHY. We have the tenacity to be great, IF WE WANT IT.

Simply put here for the sake of this blog post, Creating and adapting with a Toxic Mindset will create Toxic EVERYTHING! Period…….

We know that a mind in motion Stays in Motion! When you become your negative thoughts, you can become a victim of your own negative trap.

Break free of the negative thinking pattern, unless you are good with continuing to live a restricted mindset.

The Journey is Necessary…….

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