Continual Pursuit of Clarity…

The end goal should always be peace and about claiming success and happiness.

Seeking overall clarity should be at least one of the main priority focuses at this point in peoples lives.

Figure out exactly what it is that you want out of life. Sooner than later.

Get clear about what you seek. Make your self uncomfortable trying to figure it out. Quit restricting yourself from living your truth because of being worried about another person’s perspective about YOU.

I am about to take another step into my self love journey. I am actually pretty excited and happily emotional about it. I am going deeper than I thought I could. I am ready for my next level of purpose.

Doors and opportunities have truly been opening up to me over these past few months. I’m claiming my abundant lessons and total opening of my mental doors. I used to be the person who didn’t really tell or display to anyone what was going on with me good or bad because I didn’t want to explain why and reasons why I did the things that I did. If I told something, I would go into a 15 minute dissertation speech LOL trying to get people to understand why I was saying and doing the things that I was. I wanted them to agree with me no matter what.

I am now completely unapologetic with making my life decisions. I don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. I now share my own self love and complete positive shifted journey because I will continue to connect with my clients on levels far beyond basic, reach out more and co exist with fellow coaches and continuing to live in my truth on all levels.

I will be beginning a 7 week Pathway course that is really about to test the depth of my mind, body and spirit. This journey is much more deeper mentally and even spiritually. I never thought I would be at a level that I am, in seeking my true inner being and searching for my complete meaning as a whole. My journey so far has been so insightful, meaningful, fun, scary and life changing to describe a few. There is so much more. I know it. The clarity I intend to possess when I complete this next step in my own self love journey is going to allow me to heighten my connection with my current clients, expanding my platform, as well as my future potential partners in Accountability, All this is destined to be majorly beneficial for all involved. I am eager to seek, learn, listen, embrace, and empower myself more than ever!

This new journey of mine will begin September 23rd. I am prepared for this next destination.

Let us know what you think!