Keep Going…..

I know that I have been talking ALOT about being positive and changing your Mindset to reflect it. However I KNOW that we are all human and that there can be slip ups.

Everyone has a bad day. Everyone goes through unforseen situations. When I speak about positive and the way my mind now operates, its the choice I make HOW I handle life’s hard balls.

Gone are the days of me dragging negative minded situations out. Finished are the days of me “elaborating” heavily and on and on about how something has affected me and my situations in a negative light. I am over the days of reacting as well as done reciprocating to a situation in a negative manner.

Sometimes silence is the best thing when you are dealing with others and their negative attributes. I learned to pick my battles at the start so that way I already know what I will and will not even address.

Even on my bad days, guess what? It will still be a good day. You know why? My plans are still in motion, my focus and purpose for good is still here strongly, front and center.

A small hurdle, distraction, or negative feedback should NEVER stop the Purpose you have from the beginning! Expect that those bad shifts can and may happen, and that will and should make it just that much easier to handle them positively and KEEP GOING!

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