These Past 6 Months…

I never would have thought.

UPgraded MindsetZ became an official business in April 2020. What I have desired for so long is now an official Title. I’m Happy, but there is still so much in store!

I am continuously focused and shifted into my own Journey, and let me just say……..the way things are coming into alignment for me is something that is an unexplainable feeling.

My own necessary Mindset journey gave me the push I needed, created my own platform to claim myself some amazing Self Love, as well as amazing opportunities coming into creation!

  • I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and open up more outside of myself.
  • Accepted Coaching for me, allowing me to completely open the gates for my own creative and coaching services. Coaching is the best thing that has happened to this Mindset, and turning right back around and pouring my teachings and guidance right back to those who seek the tools as I did.
  • UPgraded MindsetZ is in the makings of some pretty amazing projects!

This time last year, I never would have listened to anyone who said I would even be remotely close to where I am at this very moment with the services and support being provided on the UPgraded MindsetZ platform. From being an ear or shoulder to lean on, to having hour long one on one coaching sessions, each and every one of them seeking to achieve an unrestricted level of living positively.

When a shift occurs in your life, speaking on a Positive one, don’t hold back when those shifts begin to change things for you as well as around you. I fought that battle for one or more reasons and looking back, I did myself such a disservice restricting myself and my capabilities.

I’m changing that. This platform is for women who what to change their negative as well. We do not have to live with a restricted, negative Mindset.

Stay TUNED…..

And so it is, and so it shall be…….

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