Always & Forever Grateful….

You never know who is truly in the “fight” with you until it is time to “fight”.….

Following up from my last entry….I wanted to speak on those who have been such a blessing to me. Grateful for those to be around for this shift and transition of me becoming the best Life Coach, Mentor, Provider, Entrepreneur, etc….that I am capable of being.

This is not just a hobby for me. It never has been. This is a Purpose. My Passion to be that same person described above but on a much larger scale. I will not stop until that goal is completely achieved. Great start to things, but nowhere near completion.

I will always, and now with my heightened platform, will continue to, provide feedback, listen and evaluate, offer support services, allow follow up resources, etc. The list can go on and on…and I won’t skip a beat, it is my Mission.

One of the biggest realizations that I had to acknowledge in my Shift is that I cannot do it alone. I had ALWAYS been a person who hated asking anyone else for ANYTHING. If I couldn’t get it myself, then my Restricted, Negative way of thinking would just tell me, it wasn’t meant cause I didn’t need anybody and I wasn’t going to ask….


Every Successful person that I have talked to, witnessed and been mentored by, have achieved their accomplishments having a Support system.  Where the “Support” is implemented can vary from person to person along the way. As I continue along my own Journey, I realize more and more how receiving support from those who truly want to see me win is an added key to my ultimate success.

I want to truly thank those who have been in my corner since I began this new chapter in my Self Love Journey. Those who gave knowledge and guidance to me, straight up with no chaser. Those who give me the REAL feedback, not just what they think I want to hear. The ones who push me to be uncomfortable, and that tell me to stop half assing my Purpose. My support team who loves me unconditionally but still able to set that love aside to give honest feedback when its needed. For always making sure I know they are there for me. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am at this moment, nor would I even have been trying to even get anywhere without them.

I thank you. I Love you. My team is the BOMB. Those that are still by my side, THANK you again. This road is far from over and I know that you are right here beside me, even through the bumps, potholes, and all. I know the ones who are definitely rooting for me and the success I claim in life.

I have come to terms with knowing and fully understanding that there are “seasons” for people in your life. When that new season comes, a decision to leave someone in the previous one does NOT mean the love is lost. It does not mean that you don’t wish them anything else but the best. It just means that you know the hard choice for YOU have to be made to continue to grow and prosper.

I speak on a positive note with everything that I do. I Know that life is not always a positive situation, it is now how I choose to handle it is where my positive mental being creates that vibe automatically.

There are some who have asked me why I don’t do the same as I used to do. Those that wonder why I don’t entertain and deal with the same shit I used to. I even had someone tell me I think I’m better than everyone else now. AFTER I chuckled a little bit, I told them…I AM BETTER….but better for ME and my Purpose. If those don’t understand why I made the shift I made and that I have a agenda to pursue and a legacy to create, then I guess your season with me is over as well… wishes to you….

My Journey is clear. My Support knows my Mission. Full speed ahead….­čĺ»

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