How do you see YOU…

A Reflectional review of SELF…..

What are one (or more) things you are grateful for YOU, at this particular moment as you are reading this?

If you were having a job interview and they asked about 3-5 qualities you think you possess on a personal, maybe even intimate level, what would they be?

I am curious with regards to these questions because I’ve read where that it is seems to be easier to see the beauty in others, before we even see it in ourselves. Even though I have always acknowledged my self gratefulness in some shape or form, I will have to somewhat agree. One thing that own my Self Love journey showed me I wasn’t praising ME enough! I know that often times we will applaud as well as give total acclamation to someone else, mostly even before we even think about applying it to Self. We are quick and open to compliment and praise others, all the while selling ourselves completely short! It is time to change that…

Think about the last time you reflected on YOU….

What were you thinking about?

Was it Positive or Negative Thoughts?

Why were you feeling that way at that particular time of self reflection?

These type of questions should be key in finding and creating SELF. I personally suggest trying to implement some form of self reflection each and every day. Whether it is 5 minutes or 60 minutes, Self care should always be a priority. Unavoidable times will show that there can be some of those moments that may possess negative and unclear meaning. However, the journey is necessary to create a positively enforced end goal each and every time for yourself.

Remember that your own SELF is Priority over everything else.

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  1. Start with god and self love come easy great read . iam work in progress .

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