The season is changing, how about your routine?

Are self modifications needed?

Fall is here! I sit here looking out my home window at my desk, glimpsing at the multi colored leaves, some dropping to the street in real time. As the trees begin to look bare, I’m feeling a need to do a little more than just shifting my wardrobe.

I’m calling it a “Mindset Review”. My own personal overview of SELF to evaluate and/or adjust any “modifications” as needed. Coming into my complete “Self Awareness”, is such a venturesome yet satisfying part of current life! Having heightened levels of coherence that come along with continual shifts for positive energy is surreal in so many ways.

Are you having that feeling inside you that it is time for a shift within? Are there mindset adjustments you know deep down that are waiting to be tweaked? Go ahead and start setting yourself up for your Journey. Aren’t you feeling that? Yes that. Even possible that small ache (yearning) is giving you the sign, those constant thoughts that all revert back to taking that chance! They will not go away. Don’t allow yourself to let them get swallowed up in your restrictive state of mind. Change, no matter big or small, is CHANGE and we all know that. Make the adjustment for a better you and tweak where you see fit for you!

Create a new season for self, no regrets, no restrictions. Our Journey is Necessary…

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