Mornin Session..

a Mind shuffle….

Ask yourself what is it that you firmly seek in your individual mind?

Are you or have you been easily or heavily influenced by others thoughts on something you wanted?

Have you make ever made your decision(s) about something and then second guess because of the negative opinion of another?

I have always maintained a certain level of confidence, so I thought. There were times that I could be locked in on a decision, then one comment from someone else could literally have me back at square one with the whole situation. Why did it happen?

Whether we want to believe it or not, as individuals, there are some who tend to reside in their lives based on others think they should live. Having divergent paths and procedures for the “different” seems to be viewed in a negative aspect. These negative patterns that are thrown to one another create restriction and small havoc unnecessarily. This is likely to be one of multiple reasons we suppress our true thoughts, the ones we desperately want to bring to the forefront. Seeing and being surrounded with many different beliefs, core values, and systems in place, the true struggle seems to be finding what YOURS are.


That was ME. I seem to have struggled with the common core beliefs of society. Restricted and quite frankly, lazy to the lesson. This mind of mine always has busted out the “but what if” factor. Meaning, I didn’t want to necessarily agree and accept something just because it is what someone else chose to. But i surpressed it for not wanting to be in conflict with someone else. Why should I though? We are supposed to have a mind of our own….and I have since taken a personal vow to my higher self, that I will be applying and embracing my life unapologetically how I see fit…..end of story.

Why follow someone else’s version of YOUR way of life, when you feel it in your soul that it is not for you? Make no more excuses for seeking and achieving total clarity…FOR YOU…

The Journey is Necessary…..

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