Monday Reflection…..

Really happening yall…

I want to reflect a little bit today.

Reflecting this morning as I do OFTEN, there was not always clear purpose for my life. Up until even last year, I would go through negative times and situations, and thought that living that way was normal, going day to day just dealing with it because my mind was programmed to believe I was supposed to. Constantly being plagued with blocked thoughts and bad habits, as well as feeling obligated and disposable to others bad patterns too. Putting myself off constantly, not even having time to figure out myself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally caused a serious crack within.

That “crack” was the modification that my mind subconsciously was telling me was needed. The underlying rainbow and ray of light I needed to make my SHIFT. My Self Love Journey was no longer an option to begin if I wanted to continue to live.

Shift, Focus, TAKE OFF!

The next chapter of #LifeCoachKayWds is currently in process. A weekend meeting has opened up a door and opportunity that I honestly did not anticipate or even see coming. I have not even been able to sleep right because of the sheer excitement! I am a living witness and testament to say: THAT MINDSET SHIFT is required to change the game. No exception to the rules.

Your dreams can happen. You can achieve each and every goal, accomplishment, or task that you desire. I am doing just that. Having released the Negative mindset I once had and pushed onto others, it clears the road to take on the path set forth for me unapologetically. Self assurance, a positive support system, and the continued shift to a self love filled, abundant life are keys that will keep me on the trail to my true destiny.

FULL SPEED AHEAD! Stay tuned for the Continuation of my Journey.

About Coach Kay Wds

I'm a Mindset Empowerment Coach for Women of Color ready to break free from the negative cycles of life. We work on creating positive growth with reconditioning methods of thinking, triggering the mind to take consistent direct action in our business and/or personal lives!

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