Step back for a second…


Sitting here composing this blog this morning, I have to step outside of my body for a moment and take a look at my self.

There have been so many things going on in my life from just the past two weeks. I am a person who really enjoys being “busy”, however I also am a person who usually knows when she needs to step back for a second.

Being on my path and journey is blessing me with some amazing opportunities. I am full steam ahead with my dreams and goals, however in all that steam,  I have to remember that feeling of overwhelm. When you want something so badly, it can put certain thoughts ahead of others. Sitting here now reflecting, I was getting “too busy”. I was trying to do so much in such a small amount of time. Having a personal agenda, timelines, etc can make you put your self care on the back burner. You will do it without even realizing it, reaching for your desires and the shift to success, we all seek at some point in our lives.

I realized that even though there is urgency and sometimes a little impatience of achievement of goals, there also is a sense of relaxation, which I feel is just as important. I do not want to be the person who has worked so hard on this path I am on, that I didn’t enjoy my journey along the way. You know you love embarking your trek, so make it just as important to be smiling and maybe even a little “care free”. Its true becuase thinking this way has gotten me to this point and will carry me to my ultimate achievements.

Remember to take a step back when needed. When you feel the emotions that may be showing to do just that. It could be irritation, frustration, heightened emotions, etc. When you are putting your desires into the universe, remember that your shift has to be all the way together to start aligning in the ways we seek. So that means pay attention to the signs from “outside” as well as “inside”. Taking a break, regrouping and refocusing is a necessary force on a continuous journey for self love, self prosperity and SELF completion.

Let us know what you think!