Guide yourself better…..

Here are a couple things I do that can maybe help you too!

Here is a person who used to run “off of the head” everyday. Never wrote anything down, just kept fooling myself to think I could “store everything” in my mind successfully. Reflection forced me to admit that way of hindered thinking was one of my biggest mistakes. Looking back, I cringe at the amount of ideas possibly have missed creating, restricting my platform due to….laziness.

One thing I strongly suggest is to get yourself on some type of routine. Take the initiative to make some changes. If you know you have things going on that you know need to be put on a mental leash, create the mindset that you want change.

Another recommendation when trying to organize, create an aspiring idea will always be to write things down! My mind used to always try to “cram and store everything in”. All kinds of things , negative mostly, would crowd my brain with unnecessary “chitter chatter” creating self havoc on me!

I recommend having a journal, notebook, or get a little creative like me and buy index cards! I simply put in different locations for those “out the blue” ideas that my overactive Gemini mind sometimes showed me.

Even though everyone’s journey are different, there should always be a specific goal to achieve some type of routine based clarity along the way. These two tips are a great start to beginning a bigger shift when that is where you are going with choices and life!


One thought on “Guide yourself better…..

  1. This is so true. I never considered writing in a journal when I was young. However, for the past fourteen years it has become invaluable and a source of my own inspiration and direction. It will bring such clarity to one’s life.

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