My mind won’t let me….

Overthinking is a gift and a curse as far as I am concerned.

My mind can probably think about  25 thoughts a second at any given time. No, I do not think I am exaggerating LOL.

I used to think of all kinds of negative ways about any situation or circumstance. That’s all I knew how to do. Even when positive would look me dead in the face, I still was a skeptic.  There had to be a trick to it…just had to be. Dark times looking back….

Does this mind still race? You better believe it!

However, the shift to positive thoughts have been implemented.

Yep, ya girl still has 25 thoughts a second, but they are now thoughts that provide me a positive,  fulfilling reaction to say the least.

Shifting from “It won’t happen, it isn’t meant for me, I will never get anything I want”…..

– TO –

“I speak my vision to life, I am destined to be great, I am going after everything I want”… required to begin the journey to an Upgraded Mindset. I can vouch personally.

Believe you can. Take the action necessary to shift your thoughts to be successful. Nothing is going to change if YOU do not initiate it.

This was the best lesson ever for me. Creating the positive mindset shift, opened the doors to a destiny that I have quietly kept to myself…..Until NOW.

My mind will not let me talk about failure.

My mind will not distract me with negative thinking patterns, and will stay focused on the great things I have  created for my future and platform.

My mind will not let me get off track

My mind will not let me fail.

My mind… everything…

Let us know what you think!