Quit Worrying….

My thoughts…

What are you “stressing about” as you read this? Anything at all?

I know there may be something. You may even consider it small but let me say, if its disturbing your smooth flow of a day, then its a bother.

Quick Stats

  • 85% of the things that people worry about never happen!
  • 30% of the things we fear are PAST issues.
  • 90%, yes 90%, of what we tend to worry about are insignificant.

Making uncomfortable changes in life will more than likely prompt worry within, and that is totally understandable. However, when you allow those “worries” to hinder moving forward then there causes the “havoc” in the Mind, there lies the problem.

Going to that job interview? Learning a new skill? We endure these “adjustments” sometimes even without hesitation because we know in our mind that these situations are almost mandatory to live.

Why can we NOT do the same with our mindset? WE can, when we make the shift required for an UPgraded Mindset. Creating peace within should be a normal occurrence each day.

Remember that even when we have taken 2 steps forward and forced to take 1 back, Progress has still been made!!

The Mindset is the Epicenter of everything within ourselves. Be ok with being uncomfortable with life’s adjustments, especially when you are in your LEVEL UP. Get it in tune with SELF to reduce the stress and worry plaguing your every day situations. The journey is Necessary….

Stats: U of Cincinnati

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