Motivational Mindset Monday..

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Shifting from the corporate world, to total entrepreneurship is an experience like no other. I haven’t been writing as much but I’m back!

This time last year I never thought about being where I am now.

Reflecting back to last year, I wasn’t understanding why I seemed to be doing ok with life, but my mindset struggled every day to keep up and couldn’t be agreeable with the certain things and situations around me going on day to day…..what was my problem?

A quick nutshell will tell you.. Hurt. Pent up Anger. Resentment towards others for being negligent in their lives but depending on me for support. Following the “masses” when signs would tell me otherwise. I was always thinking about my negative actions and thoughts, but had never really thought about a way to CHANGE them….

Until now….

We can’t keep putting negative feedback in our heads and expect a positive return. We can live a successful, positive, self love filled life with ease!

When the time comes, and you are ready to truly create and manifest the greater good for self, you have to be ok to CLEAR whatever roadblocks come in your path….no matter what they may be….and there will definitely be some! There can be no regrets. Some roadblocks are expected, but most are unexpected, but nonetheless need abolishing.

Losing a corporate job of almost 7 years, that I honestly had been mentally detached from for months, became an answer that I really didn’t anticipate happening along the way. It has only been 2 weeks but when I tell you my mind has more peace in it than ever since beginning my self love journey…

That job was a HUGE roadblock for me. It was a paycheck yes but a severe hindrance on a positive mindset.

Beginning the transition to an unrestricted mindset brings up blocks within that you honestly had no idea bothered your mental until the moment you break down about it.

I had so much built up anger, resentment,  frustration, not from the job but just from everything, all while keeping a smile on my face. I look back and can remember times that I lashed out at someone for the smallest infraction, or days that I just couldn’t focus on one thing cause I was so overwhelmed with all the negative blocks restricted my moves.

Start realizing that living angry, frustrated and overwhelmed is NOT normal. I have put a program in place for women who feel like I used to..being upset about life,  stuck on what and where you want your life to go, or just mad at the world because we haven’t made any moves towards progression.

Membership for the Mindset 2021 is the Mindset Initiative to strive for an UPgraded Mindset. There is a peaceful, positive platform that you can step on to make the shift that you seek for clarity of your life. We will work specifically on removing the negative patterns and habits that is hindering your progression and bring about powerful moves on your Mental well being.

So we UPgrading MindsetZ over here, are you ready for your journey?

More to come on this “New workout for your Mental”!


Let us know what you think!