Multitask or No?

Is it helping you or hurting you?

A year ago I would have said that multitasking was the BEST way to get tasks, accomplishments and even domestic duties done. We check emails while listening to a Facebook video. Those who speak on the telephone and browse through your homework. How many of us even do the simple thing of driving and on your telephone talking about business or just chit chat? All of these are some form of multitasking and was a part of my everyday life.

For instance, when working on multiple projects, are u confident that you can complete accurately? Is it completed up to your standards? Or are you ok “throwing them together” for completion?

Today, that way of thinking is no longer effective for me.


You are restricting yourself. How are you attempting to bring out that amazing business plan when you are looking on social media every 3 minutes? It is highly unlikely that you are putting 100% into anything you do. We think that the more we put together to speed up the process, then the better our situation can be.

I know we want to speed up our “level up”, myself included. I have found that trying to work on multiple things at once can be an actual roadblock for your accomplishments.

One goal at a time…

Keeping it simple wins the race for me. Changing how I handle my business tasks was a MUST for me to positively move forward. Focusing on one plan at a time has enabled capabilities necessary for me to keep advancing and pushing forward with no restriction.

Having goals, business ventures, desires to see significant changes on you have going on, I suggest setting focus on ONE particular duty at a time.

We all have things we strive to accomplish and I get it! I have so much that I envision for my success I wish I could make it all happen in one day.

Keeping a pace steady, consistent and remember that dedicated persistence will have a positive and prosperous impact on the mindset. The improvement shows with making the change with myself. Know that you can still be successful on a personal or business level by tackling one duty at a time.

Let us know what you think!