Focus on your Greatness…

It has to start with you…

So 2021 has come in full swing. Even though it may not be the way we would have liked, it is still here.

What have you done in the first 17 days of this year?

Are you sticking to that resolution that you swore you would do this year?

How many of your goals have you worked on so far?

I can ask you twenty more questions about what have thought about for your upgraded changes, but I will ask more of the questions about the SHIFT itself.

If you have not taken any initiative, ask yourself why are you still in the same spot?

What will it take for you to implement true changes for yourself?

Are you afraid of what changes are actually going to happen?

The second set of questions are where your focus needs to be. We can make 200 goals but if we are not becoming all the way accountable in our mindset shift then all those goal setting thoughts are just that, no action will ever come behind your words if you don’t grasp that you will need an Upgraded Mindset to achieve your goals.

Take that step. Make that promise to yourself that this time you are going to get to the ROOT of the problem instead of just trying to cover it up to move forward. Until you make peace with the negative patterns and be mentally ready to cut off the bad energy, the cycle of staying where you are will come back. Over and Over.

The Journey is Necessary….Want more information on how to make a shift to positive?

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