Podcast Pilot….

So, I did a thing. Stepping out of my own comfort zone and created, An Upgraded MindsetZ State of Clarity, Podcast Edition.

Thank Goodness the internet makes it so easy to create your voice!

I’m excited to launch this platform for myself, and to reach women who can relate to my journey and take advantage of the proven methods I offer to make transformational changes for self.


Hey sis, we being different and shifting the cause of, not just the bad habit.

Becoming a life coach has opened up a path that I did not see coming this time in 2020. Elevating my platform of women support and empowerment, I will be talking about the things that we dont want to talk about because it is going to hold us accountable for OUR actions.

Yep, that is EXACTLY what I do, my DUTY as Coach Kay Wds, to come to terms, make the shift and flourish to the next level for you and your WHY!

Please leave any feedback and any suggestions for FUTURE episodes.

Let us know what you think!