My Sunday Mode…

Happy Valentine’s Day good people!

I will say it for the thousandth time…it is COLD! Ive taken advantage of the below freezing temperatures to catch up on some things.

Creating your purpose is so fun! At least it is for me. I am enjoying so much building my platform, recording my podcast, blogging, coaching, mentoring, Oh man I could go on and on!

I used to have the mindset that other people were the reason why I was not able to excel in anything that I let fall by the waist side. I was good at attempting to deflect why things were not going how I wanted them to.

I was letting everyone else tell me how to do ME. Living by what society said I am supposed to “live”.

If there is any reason why you think someone else is supposed to create YOUR reality? Besides they told you?

Become your biggest support system so you can attract the RIGHT support system for you. Your self motivation will be noticed and reciprocated to and from the right people just by putting yourself in the right environment. Get unstuck with the same way of making moves!

Check out my Recent Podcast where I talk more about pushing past the NaySayers and dead weight….click the link…

Hello, This is New Support, WHO DIS? Episode 4

Stay Positive, Stay Blessed!

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