Too much positivity?

I read about toxic positivity and I wondered, do you think that people can promote too much positive?

Toxic positivity is described as the unrealistic expectation that we need to be happy all the time.

I see the logic behind the thought. I personally do not feel you can. I will explain why.

We are not going to get away from the curveballs of life. However, I do not believe that a person can negatively be affected with “too much positive” being on a consistent growth path with the abundance of positive. As a person grows mentally, myself included, positive ways, routines and thoughts begin to overcome the restrictions of the negative thinking. The goal is for continual POSITIVE growth.

I can understand the thought process behind toxic positivity and its possible effects, but only from a standpoint of a person not putting in all of the work of growth as a whole. There are so many negative things on the world wide web, and its so easily accessible through an app to see it all day long. I personally feel that negative trends over positive; people tend to have the guilty pleasure of wanting to stay up to date on the latest gossip and trending negative subjects.

A person who is not willing to eliminate negative things that are holding their growth back is not mentally ready to make positive changes.

People love negative content and they have no shame in showing it.

Starting a journey for a mentally healthy plan for all success, you will be able to allow yourself to deal with the negative curveballs without allowing it to take you off of your game.

Regain your positive reinforcement to yourself by changing your own reality.

So I will say, NO….

I do NOT feel there is such thing as “Too much Positive”. I live, breathe and promote it each and every day.

The Journey is Necessary….

Let us know what you think!