It’s been a minute….


Just looked at my last posts and realized that I have somewhat neglected it. It was not my intention, just a whole bunch of life happening.

Now, I will not say that I have not been enjoying the ride to get to this point, because I absolutely have. 2021 has been so good to be and is just a continuation of the abundance of blessings that started in 2020.

Shout out to those that I see some trying to get positive in regards to mental well being, physical (summer body ready) and putting policies and procedures in place for self. Humbled, grateful and appreciative to those who are are supportive at where I am with things in my life in the past year, it has pushed me to my true being, pushing forward and at peace.

I designed my new reality that’s been desired for years. Negative self talk buried under my dream under the rug because it didn’t align with others views and opinions. Went along with the “masses” and remained silent to stop avoiding constant conflict. I sometimes cringe at thoughts of where I used to be, silently suffering and unhappy.

Now living in my complete truth, pushing forward and owing no explanation on my values and life is the default method.

DO IT, take that chance today

Every able bodied person can achieve their ultimate achievements. It requires a complete change in the way you think, what you allow in your personal space, and if you want to remove the negative so you can succeed at what your dreams are.

DIG into your soul and make sure what you are trying to do is aligning with your SPIRIT.

Living in a negative head space is going to keep you in the rut of not moving forward. Take the risk of being uncomfortable with the change! Think of the reward of succeeding and also celebrate all small victories along the way.

  • Negative Headspace: working a job, but KNEW there was no room for advancement. Stressful situations, poor management (my honest opinion); dreading to clock in just because I knew what the day was going to look, sound and feel like.

2020 was life changing. Transformation. Evolving.

  • Positive Empowered headspace: Full Time Entrepreneur of 2 businesses. Peace of Mind. Inspiring and guiding others. Abundant. Grateful. Motivational. HAPPY.

We are supposed to be living our BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES.

Start today.

If you are struggling to think for your BETTER GOOD. I want to help you change that. Your mindset is depending on you to do what is best and a positive mindset is mandatory!

Please request your request here.


Let us know what you think!