Pushing Positive!

Blessed to be a Blessing…

Whoa! May has been busy for your girl as I turn up the heat on my entrepreneurial journey. The excitement has been such a rush! I am so grateful to created a positive platform; making waves and creating positive breakthroughs for other women on a empowered supportive level!

Brief breakdown of things that have happened so far this month:

  • Putting myself into high gear to reaching out to my female community.
  • Signed up 2 NEW CLIENTS in 5 days!
  • Launched my YOU TUBE Channel.
  • Created the “Goal Getter” free chat appointments for women in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. (May)
  • Created “The Self Care Empowerment Pack” from Upgraded MindsetZ – they are now available at UPM Suites for local pickup. Shipping is also available.
  • We gifted 3 ladies with Empowerment Packs!
  • Weekend getaway for Mother/Daughter time with my most favorite girl, my Mommy!
Reflection: I am creating a new reality. Such a blessing to be in a position to be able to contribute, guide, motivate and become a part of empowering change for women, but on my OWN terms.

I used to be the person to stay silent about life, those days are over. Super proud of myself! My retrained way of thinking makes it a requirement to speak positive, live it and enjoy myself along the way!

Times are evolving. I have set to create awareness on our mental well being and making it very accessible for us to make sure we are good. Upgraded MindsetZ wants to make it easy to be able to reach out to talk. Shifting us from hiding our emotions to speaking about them in a healthy non biased environment with confidence and confidentiality.

The system standard way that we have tried to make work for our evolvement is NOT working Sis. We struggle with making changes for our better being because we aren’t being honest with ourselves. Its time to live our own core values, meaning thinking for yourself boo, and stop letting negative interference and influence affect your decisions in life.


Three ways you can make positive shifts REALITY:
  • Becoming accountable for your life and get disciplined. In other words, Check your attitude, admit your wrongs and your part in the lessons in your life so you can begin to change
  • Get uncomfortable! Be willing and ready to remove any person, place or thing not in alignment with your empowerment.
  • Start replacing bad habits. Put routines in place so you can start seeing the negative remove itself and be replaced with positive actions. Consistency will be your key to success. Don’t worry about the time it takes, just stay consistent!

I will continue to create a path to positive empowerment. Creating that it doesn’t have to be the same way as the next person. My truth is not your truth, and we make it easy to be able to speak yours unapologetically!


You Tube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiNWPEpllqFe4H24DpLfzQA

“GOAL GETTER” Free Chat LINK – https://go.oncehub.com/GOALGETTERFreeChat

PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/upgraded-mindsetzrealtalk

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