Slipping to Refocused..

The journey continues…

This morning, doing my Sunday reflection, accountability was acknowledged and I have been SLACKING.

I’ve been on a consistent weight loss journey for over a year using intermittent fasting. Years before changing to that lifestyle, there were struggles with ways to keep me consistently on the path of healthier living. It has been a very successful tool for me.

I followed my fasting routine pretty good until the past month. Since working my own hours as an entrepreneur, late hours in the office have become the norm. These actions prompted me to want to eat later too, which really caught me slipping. There was lacking in the exercise section too, which we know is mandatory for any journey to lose weight.

I haven’t gained any weight from this slacking moment, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t off my square. Be accountable, even when there may not have been a negative consequence yet.

Self reflection is a necessity. Assume responsibility for your actions, or lack of, which can be pivotal in making very important changes.


I’m revamping my daily routine. Reinforced my intermittent fasting schedule. Put into place a few new challenges to reach a set goal for my birthday June 14th.

NO FRIED FOODS. NO RED SAUCE. NO STEAK for the next 30 days. I got this!!

Speak my success into existence. Implementing the mindset required to be successful. Continue to create and maintain habits that align with your positive push in life!

Remember that even when you feel you have “fallen off”, it is as simple as starting again. Don’t spend days being frustrated about not succeeding that time that you end up staying stuck in that negative rut.


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