This past weekend was a deep root of reflection for me.

My energy had been off for the past few days and it was something I hadn’t felt in a good while. Ive had so much peace lately, I knee this feeling was the exact opposite.

Time for some ME TIME…

Self Care. Meditation. Modification. Review of my journey, etc.

Never be afraid to take time out for yourself. I used to just let things build up until I was no longer able to mentally handle it. I would blow up at people, get frustrated so easily, having negative effects all the time.

As we enter the final week of Mental Health Awareness Month, please continue to make your mental well being a priority! We experience all too often negative setbacks from us ignoring our feelings and emotions. It is time for that way of thinking to change.

I know it can be frustrating as hell wanting those close to you to support you. However, in these trying times, we have to get uncomfortable seeking guidance outside of the comfort zone.

We are normalizing talking to someone forĀ  healing, guidance, support, motivation, etc.

Seeking healing from your past, please reach out to a Therapist specifically trained in the area you seek help in. We all have past and doing what you need to do for healing and growth is a grown up move necessary to help you.

I’m on the coaching side, here to work motivate, inspire, collaborate, and EMPOWER you towards sucessfully achieving goals and elevate the mind for greatness as a Mindset Empowerment Coach.

It is always ok to talk to someone. Never be ashamed of wanting to gain clarity, peace and A Positive future!

Let us know what you think!