As I get ready to celebrate another birthday, this one is so different and let me tell you why….

The growth that I have shown myself over these past twelve months is beyond words. From how I make decisions, inspiring others, creating solutions for women like me, to embrace positive changes is phenomenal.

Upgraded MindsetZ coaching is about to celebrate one year in existence!

I’ve created a new reality. Elevating myself was necessary as it has allowed me to reach back to encourage, uplift and motivate. I strive for other women who are stuck in restricted beliefs to reprogram their mindset so they can open up their own elevation and make empowering change!

We are capable of living the life we deserve, and unapologetically so! We owe no one an explanation when it comes to our mental level up! Skip the struggling within, we are speaking up and living our truth!

I am here to help women stop worrying about what others think. We are so consumed in others opinions of us that we literally HOLD OURSELF BACK. Use the fear you have inside as a ignition to become great, positive and empowered. The Journey is Necessary…

It’s a celebration for me all month long as I reflect on where I started, where I am now, and where I am headed!

Always be sure to embrace, enjoy, and celebrate your new journey. Never be too busy to smile, pat yourself on the back and acknowledge you are making YOU better. Through the setbacks, lessons, and experiences, the end goal will always be to elevate yourself.

It’s time for you to find YOU…. Kisha

Let us know what you think!