Support is Real….

Good morning beautiful souls…

I sit here this morning reflecting on all of the dope shifts that have gone on in my life in the past year.

I love the platform that I have created for women to be motivated and encouraged to:

Take steps needed to recondition the mindset to love themselves unconditionally and live their TRUTH.

Create a support system focused on empowering other women who struggle with restricted beliefs in their personal lives. We help them remove mental barriers which opens them up to evolve into a self empowering woman!

Uplift and guide those whose life is full of havoc, want change, but fear of  being uncomfortable has them stuck in a mental block.

Normalizing women supporting each other without needing to be in competition. 

There IS such thing as true unbiased support. My mission is to continue to increase awareness and availablity with my platform.

I remember before my transformation being full of frustration, angry and upset at the world all the time, because of my lack of accountability in wanting to elevate.

I went all out of my way for others.  Supportive, heart of gold to everyone else BUT MY DAMN SELF.

Why do we continue to pour our all into  everything and everyone else but OURSELF?

Because we want the same in return.

We surpress our inner strength. We accept the toxicity because we have normalized masking it as “love and support”.

Even when it doesn’t happen from those we have poured our all into. We still entertain it. We REFUSE to let it go. We beg and plead, wishing they would just understand that you want them to be there how you THINK they should.


Reality is a muthafucka….

I became ACCOUNTABLE and took full responsibility for the space I had allow myself to sink to. I embraced the negative emotions that were holding me back from living my life my way…..I SHIFTED…


I no longer hesitate with decisions when it comes to me, my life, goals. I became CONFIDENT in all my choices and unapologetic in executing my ELEVATION on all levels, business and personal..


I have decided to elevate yet again. There is MAJOR construction and revamping going on behind the scenes with the Upgraded Mindsetz platform 

I will continue to motivate, inspire, and transform mindsets. I have a purpose of women empowerment that burns pretty deep within and that flame is not going out any time soon.

I hope you all continue this journey with me and stay tuned.

This is not just a change….its a TRANSFORMATION. If you struggle with any negative feelings, emotions or decisions in life, then you’re holding you back, it’s time to shift so you can be at peace, clear and free of anything that has held you back before.

The Journey is Necessary….


Let us know what you think!