It’s a celebration!

Upgraded MindsetZ LLC was created on June 11th of 2020 and is still here to tell the story.

This month has been a mixture of emotions for me so far. How did this even happen to me?

I will tell you why.

A mindset overhaul, opening up the pathway to clarity. Putting a mental cease fire on negative patterns, restricted beliefs and living for other people.


Check out the latest episode of My Podcast and Listen all about the THREE R’s.

Happy Anniversary Coach Kay Wds!

Happy Birthday Kisha!

Overcoming Our Fear of Entrepreneurship The Empowering Real Talk Podcast

The podcast is back with NEW EPISODES!! This super empowering episode is with Business Marketing Strategist, Podcast Host, Certified Master Life, Transformation & Mindset Coach, Jacqueline Long. We don't hesitate to dive into our conversations about: Overcoming FEAR. The importance of multiple streams of income. The Entrepreneurial Experience. How to prepare yourself to step unapologetic in your journey and how scary but WONDERFUL your life can be with getting uncomfortable. Surprising updates from Jacqueline as she goes into details about her own transformational shifts, and the exciting things she has planned for 2023. **************************************** Jacqueline Long helps women start their online coaching businesses, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, grow their communities organically and master their sales and marketing strategies to attract more leads and sign clients online. She is the founder of Elevate Your Biz Coaching and Consulting, Inc – her official brand dedicated to women achieving the next level of their dreams, by building profitable online businesses. If you are a woman entrepreneur and want to be in great company with support from other small business women, join Jacqueline and myself in her Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenelevatingwomenentrepreneurs Official Site: http://www.elevateyourbizcoaching.com CHECK OUT MY ONLINE STORE FOR NEW MERCH AND MORE: http://WWW.UPGRADEDMINDSETZ.SHOP — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/empoweringrealtalk/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/empoweringrealtalk/support
  1. Overcoming Our Fear of Entrepreneurship
  2. Broken Trust and Betrayal – with Mr. Jay
  3. Clarity in 2023: What's Required to Attain It
  4. Aligning and Positioning Into your Higher Self
  5. Shifting Away from Our Stigmas

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