It’s a celebration!

Upgraded MindsetZ LLC was created on June 11th of 2020 and is still here to tell the story.

This month has been a mixture of emotions for me so far. How did this even happen to me?

I will tell you why.

A mindset overhaul, opening up the pathway to clarity. Putting a mental cease fire on negative patterns, restricted beliefs and living for other people.


Check out the latest episode of My Podcast and Listen all about the THREE R’s.

Happy Anniversary Coach Kay Wds!

Happy Birthday Kisha!

How we're breaking the Cycle of Limitations – with Special Guest Lisa Haisha The Empowering Real Talk Podcast

Talk about a SOULBLAZING EPISODE! Now this is one of those that gives meaning to the word EMPOWERING.  Listen as me and my special guest, Lisa Haisha, talk about the importance of breaking the cycle of limitations of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit! Lisa is a mother, life coach, author, transformational speaker, TV host and avid traveler, with an MA in Spiritual Psychology. Her fascination with people has taken her to over 60 countries, where she has worked in everything from boardrooms to yurts helping people Make Shift Happen in their lives. In addition to private coaching and retreats, she's interviewed and filmed dozens of movers-and-shakers and out-of-the-box thinkers to explore what makes them tick. The Legacy series led to the Amazon Originals: SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha. CLICK HERE FOR HER YOU TUBE CHANNEL!  Get her book and more: https://www.soulblazing.com/ DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE EMPOWERING REAL TALK YOUTUBE FOR EXCLUSIVE LIVESTREAMS AND MORE.  Learn more about Upgraded MindsetZ and how we are amplifying personal and entrepreneurial growth: http://WWW.UPGRADEDMINDSETZ.LIFE 
  1. How we're breaking the Cycle of Limitations – with Special Guest Lisa Haisha
  2. Why I am NOT Humble…..and stop telling people to be!
  3. A Powerful Testimony of Elevating "Difernt"
  4. The latest trend: Fake and Phony behavior
  5. How to find our Happiness….with the Global Happiness Expert

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