It’s a celebration!

Upgraded MindsetZ LLC was created on June 11th of 2020 and is still here to tell the story.

This month has been a mixture of emotions for me so far. How did this even happen to me?

I will tell you why.

A mindset overhaul, opening up the pathway to clarity. Putting a mental cease fire on negative patterns, restricted beliefs and living for other people.


Check out the latest episode of My Podcast and Listen all about the THREE R’s.

Happy Anniversary Coach Kay Wds!

Happy Birthday Kisha!

Let me tell you about ME…. The Empowering Real Talk Podcast

What is it that I do?  What is my purpose?  Why did I choose to be a coach?  Find out on this episode of Empowering Real Talk.  Shop the online store: http://www.upgradedmindsetz.shop Interested in being a guest? Get on the calendar: https://calendly.com/kishaw/podcastinquiries
  1. Let me tell you about ME….
  2. Everyone cant run a business…
  3. Time for you to GROW Up….
  4. Men want support too….
  5. Dysfunction is Damaging You

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