The Celebration Continues!

I have a huge announcement! 

I am an official honoree of The Brainz CREA Global Awards, which is a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and innovators who have been recognized for their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, or for their accomplishments in the areas of sustainability and mental health.

This achievement is just another confirmation of my purpose. I truly love and celebrate how far I have come on my journey. From dealing with constant restrictions in my own life, to mentally overhauling my mindset into a clarity driven empowered force of positive reinforcement! 

Becoming a life coach was a suppressed dream that was hidden from others until about two years ago. I stepped out of my box in 2020 and made it “official”.  I have always been someone to go above and beyond to give any type of guidance and/or emotional support to those who feel like they are negatively suffering with life’s curveball and want to change the narrative.    

Even though I took much joy into being able to help, guide and inspire others, I was silently suffering with negative overwhelm and unsettled emotions in my own life. I was also struggling with speaking my truth and revealing my real dream of becoming a life coach for women.  

This was due to negative influences, environments and letting other people’s thoughts and opinions dictate my choices. 

There are some that paint a tainted picture of being overworked on all levels as “success”. I have witnessed and experienced no support due to a blurred acceptance of us having to just keep negative impacts, frustration and overwhelm “to ourselves”. Even though I had gone along with that way of thinking for a very long time, it is something that I seriously struggled with just as long because it did not sit right with me. 

I decided to break free from the restricted life that was hurting and hindering my mental well being. 

I now am a mentor/coach to dozens of women who like myself silently suffered with the mental restrictions of a limited mindset. There is this long standing assumption that we are expected to just “deal” with madness, havoc and super stress. Mental health is a very real subject sensitive to some, and can even be harmful to others, which is why I strongly encourage anyone to reach out to someone about anything that may be negatively impacting life as you know it. 

I endured a lot of mental and physical frustration in my life. From situational trauma, cancer diagnosis, family loss just to name a few.  There wasn’t immediate support for me, and I could not find a platform out there aimed at helping me move forward with the transformation that I knew I needed so badly. 

So I created that platform.

I wanted a support system readily available to positively reinforce, help with reprogramming and realign my mind to think for myself, remove the fear of change and become empowered with my life so I can start living the life I truly wanted. 

That support system is Upgraded MindsetZ LLC. 

We all have been made to believe certain things are “designed” and defaulted to be a certain way. Becoming so worried about what others think about our own lives that we will literally hold ourselves back just to satisfy other people. 

But what about you? 

Why do you have to keep suffering? Why do you feel that you can’t live your truth? 

This platform puts you on the positive path of reprogramming the mind to think, speak and LIVE your truth. YOUR WAY WITH NO APOLOGIES. 

Reconditioning how and what my life brings allowed me the benefit of creating a platform necessary to elevate positive mental growth. I wanted to build an empowered safe space for women to have unbiased support, empowering us to move forward with a destiny that is designed based on our own hopes and dreams. 

Upgraded MindsetZ became an LLC in 2020. As our platform continues to elevate, the support system does as well.  I strongly believe in attracting your empowerment and a true support system is necessary. I became blessed with a second platform UPM – An Upgraded Passie (Passion) to be Mooie(Beautiful).

We are three women who have come together from other areas in entrepreneur life . From coaching, to fashion and crafting design, we combined expertise to help guide those to become successful with building their business or personal brands. Our focus is to positively impact all areas pertinent elevating their small business into big business!

Successful clients from our branding and marketing tools keep us motivated as we continue to work with others wanting to take their company to empowered levels of success. 

I continue to honor and appreciate myself! As an unapologetic force with my reprogrammed mindset, its given me the courage to positively reinforce others to create new reality! Positive Reinforcement is necessary. I am so thankful to be given opportunity of customizing a platform to focus on creating positive changes for women. 

A HUGE Thank you to Brainz Magazine for this amazing achievement and honor! Being blessed with Executive Contributor privileges is amazing and look forward to engaging for change!  I am truly inspired to receive this award and congratulations to my fellow honorees!

Continue to make waves in mental health and our well being awareness as our journey is necessary!  My purpose is just heating up and I have no plans to slow it down. Let’s continue to normalize creating positive mental growth!

Kisha Woods 

Founder of Upgraded MindsetZ LLC. 

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Its the ME FOR ME!

Create the life you truly want and empower yourself to peace, clarity and LIFE how it is supposed to be lived!

The Journey is Necessary……

Coach Kay Wds – Founder

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