I’m awake now…

These words have different meanings to different people.

Let me tell you what they mean to me.

I see and have experienced many people try to force their actions and way of thinking onto others.

As soon as you question anything outside the ‘system standard’ theres a huge problem.  You can be belittled, berated and made to feel ashamed about your own thoughts.

An even more unfortunate circumstance is that this can come from those close to you.

It causes major restrictions in people’s life,  whether they believe and understand it or not.

For example, I wanted to move out of state. I talked to several people about my thoughts. The feedback that I heard…..definitely wasn’t SUPPORT filled as far as I’m concerned:

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

“You shouldn’t be making that type of decision right now.”

“Wait a few more years and we can plan to go with you.”

“What about your family? You can’t leave them they need you.”

All were instruments in keeping me stuck. NOTE: I am not blaming anyone but myself because I wasn’t strong enough back then to stand on my choices and decisions.  I take full accountability in my past restricted actions in my life.

I’m awake now.

I have spent way too much time negatively overwhelmed. Thinking with emotion held me back in life. Restricting my moves.

I made past choices that weren’t always in the best interest of ME. I admit that alot of decisions were more beneficial to others because I was fearful of letting people down. I made other people’s situations my priority and didn’t want to hurt feelings so I went along with shit.

But I am awake now…

I put “new policy” in place. Became unapologetic with my decisions and replaced the hindering emotional aspect. A reprogrammed mindset is necessary to replace the default thinking process to direct thinking mode, and living your truth.

I’m no longer worried about how others feel about choices I make in my own life.

I am done with walking on eggshells about someone’s recieving the realness of my Upgraded Mindset.

I am a reconditioned queen who makes choices based on logic and not emotional reaction.

I am first priority and teach my clients to be the same way.

Reprogramming the mindset is required to become a dope logical thinker full of confidence. We are no longer letting others decide our fate. We also are no longer allowing the guilt trips to stop us!

You have so many in denial about being an emotional thinker. I was one.

If you decide to do something you may not agree with, but going along with it to prove you are down for the cause, then you’re being a disservice to your own growth. 

If you think that because you’re  family oriented, but can count so many times you’ve held back from growing, excelling, or not making changes because of them, you are living someone’s else’s life, not yours.

Restriction of the mind is disguised is so many ways and a very common one is holding back your elevation or dimming your own light to appease others.

Reality is, we owe ourselves clarity and peace. Life is a gift, and we are obligated to live it well!  Live life on your own terms and stop incorporating other people negative influence.

Your Journey is your journey. Be unapologetic for your growth and elevation.

The Journey is Necessary…


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