Yep, they are toxic too..

Toxic relationships are not just with significant others right?

Shit, it’s really more toxicity within family, friends or work if you want to be honest.

How many times have you been so aggravated with a person, but then hear them or someone else say:

“Oh, That’s just how they are.”

“They’ve always been that way.”

“They are set in their ways.”

Then you say, “I know”, still frustrated as hell. But then go right back into the negative pool, allowing it in your space everyday.


You are more accepting of it because it’s family.

You default to dealing with it because it’s friends.

You stay quiet because you feel your paycheck is riding on you staying silent.

Yea not me, not anymore.

The days of allowing people to say and do whatever to me are over. You can talk to me all day about how you feel, and I value constructive conversation like no other.

However, what you won’t get is a suppression of my own words and thoughts to pacify your emotions.

If your words come across as hurtful, malice or negative, I ain’t accepting ANY of it.

Yeah, I don’t do toxic suppression anymore.

You interrupting my peace….you OUTTA there.

I’m not explaining either, because the transformation of myself and my actions already show…no explanation needed.

The days of coddling and pacifying and are over with.

It’s a scary feeling to remove something that has been a part of your life for so long.

But how much can you keep affording to suffer with the negative overwhelm?

Begin the transition to positive self reinforcement today.

The Journey is Necessary…..

If this resonates with how you feel more days than not, then let’s talk about it. Send me a quick message here or via email. I would love to hear from others going through these struggles as well.


Let us know what you think!