Things are just different.

No matter now much you want things to be the same.

Regardless on much you want things to work out.

Things are just different.

You don’t think about the same things as you used to. Your mind is always focused on continuing your growth and abundance.

You create new reality for yourself, new hobbies, new lifestyle and new meaning just to name a few!

You want to share your happiness with the world…especially those closest to you.

But the reality of it is….everyone is not going to be happy for you.

Even harsher reality…still gotta MOVE FORWARD.

A hard pill to swallow. But nonetheless it is a reality that you now need to fully embrace.

You just aren’t not the same person anymore.

Remember, you created transformation because you identified things about yourself that needed to be changed.

When you level up and take that big step of transformation, a very important step in that process is mentally preparing for what can get left behind.

Submit to the fact that your elevation will require shedding of bad habits, old ways and even negative people.


It’s more than waking up and claiming to be a “changed individual.”

Have you really changed or are you just suppressing emotions?

Before my mindset overhaul, I used to believe my mediocre attempt at change was cool, until all of my suppressed emotions came back and had a severe negative effect on my mental well being.

A lesson learned the hard way: You can’t keep the negative suppression and have positive outcomes.

Those who feel no need to change who they are within won’t and really cant understand your transformation; no matter how much you try and explain it to them.

Instead of being open about their lack of understanding, they show fake happiness, and negatively influence you with their energy and off vibes.

Things are just different….

It’s ok….elevation requires cleansing of the negative mind clutter and removal of toxic and negative energy.


Do not feel ashamed or scared to change the requirements of being in your space. When you know the work you have put in to adapt a better way of thinking for yourself, be unapologetic! Remove yourself from around anything or anyone claiming they can’t grow within.

Growth is mandatory…feel it, speak it and recieve it.

The Journey is Necessary.

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