Fresh start..

There should never be a fear of any type of elevation for yourself.

Yet, we often feel ashamed of having to start again.

We get worried about failing in the eyes of others, continuing to “beat a dead horse” because we are scared. Not of ourselves, but what other people will say.

What is it about the opinions of others that seems to keep us mentally stuck and so fearful of change?

There are many are different levels to this question I’m sure. However, the biggest setback from it?

Holding ourselves back, missing opportunities, becoming resentful, frustrated and negatively influenced just to start.

I’ve talked to countless women who all have this same thought process when time to make positive change.

They don’t want others to feel like they are “leaving them behind”.

They keep extending a tired hand to people who really don’t want to change, and making their lacking your problem.

They don’t want to be “too successful” and don’t want to brag on their elevation because they don’t want to “hurt someone’s feelings”.

We have to shake this twisted sense of “loyalty” that has been shadowed upon the black community and made an unwritten law.

I’m over it.

Accountability is for EVERYBODY.

Just because I’m elevating myself doesn’t mean I’m supposed to allow you to come into my new season with me, ESPECIALLY if you are still making moves within the old one.

I have said this and I will say it again:


Forcing something onto someone who is not ready to recieve it is a restriction on your damn self.

Reflection is so very important in times like this. Sit back and think about it.  How much is this really holding you back?

More than you knew, right? But now since you know…let’s work on putting you at the top of your priority list.

The uncomfortable reality is you have to LEARN to be ok with elevating without the comfort of past toxic people, places and things.

You owe yourself a complete chance at fulfilling your destiny. Don’t spend the rest of your life, wishing that you took a chance on you.

Just DO IT. Your mind is depending on YOU.


If this resonates with you more than you want to believe, then you are exactly who I would love to talk to. Our Journey to Clarity is Necessary, and I’m just a message away.

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