Self Aware….

Past choices in life, used to have me so overwhelmed with everyone else’s emotions, that I never took the time to process my own.

That was my excuse to not take care of me. I had programmed my mind to really believe that my priorities came in last. Created a twisted sense that if I made sure everybody else was good, then I would automatically be good as well.

Big mistake. Incorrect. Inaccurate.

One of my biggest lessons of them all.

How can I pour so much into others, but then leave my cup empty from exhaustion and overwhelm?

Some one ELSE’S problems…..

I made them my own, and paid the price with my mental well being.

This overhaul of the mind was personal. Required. Necessary.

We spend countless days and nights focused on others lives. Whether it’s a social media Influencer, or our own family members, we always seem to be able to solve everyone’s concerns.

But our own.

Begin the transition of prioritizing SELF. You are no good to others, if you are not GREAT to yourself first. How can you expect someone to be good to you when you aren’t practicing that with yourself.

Make it make sense.

We are our own 1st priority.

The first thought of your day should be what the intention of the day is for SELF.

How you will take care of you?

What positive achievement you will obtain today?

Or even if you want to take the entire day off and completely focus on self……its up to YOU!

Allow the uncomfortable adjustment, be unapologetic in setting your boundaries, because once you get over that hump… are unstoppable on the road to SELF LOVE, SELF CARE AND SELF PRIORITY.

You Matter. Let’s keep working on ourselves so we don’t forget it.


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