Reflecting on my Journey….

Life used to be a constant downward roller coaster.

Toxic relationships, Dealing with tragedies, health crisis, just to name a couple things.

Through it all I kept going.

I became a master of suppressing my emotions, I put everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of my own.

Reflection showed me that I was mentally struggling with taking care of ME because I was conditioned to believe that I had to stay strong for everybody, even though I really didn’t understand what I was going through myself.

I kept going.

Not realizing that holding everything in would create a whirlwind of negative setbacks my mental well being was not ready for.

It almost broke me.

It was time for me to find ME.

I released the stigmatic hold on the title of being the Strong one.

My emotions matter too. My mindset matters too.

I started of journey of transformation, reconditioning and positive elevation.

I began a journey of becoming an open minded inspiration no longer accepting society’s version of how to live my life.

I am living my life according to MY values and my own beliefs.

I created an unapologetic, confident, mindset ready to empower other women of color into creating their new reality of self love, new routine and an Upgraded Mindset.

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I believe in you, now lets get you to believe in YOU too…..Kisha

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